Fall Weather

It be that time o’ year again. Winds: blowing, warmth ponchos: being worn, jeans: tucked into socks. CEOs are finally able to consider wearing their paisley robes without feeling shame at their billionaire soirees.

Fashion is difficult to gauge during this time. Who does one turn to if he or she isn’t sure if a fall evening calls for a ten gallon hat or a cutoff Ed Hardy T? I feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t, in my role as an incredibly influential and wide reaching blogger, offer some helpful tips on how to get through these fall months without losing respect of those around you.

Please, consider the following three rules (these should cover everything ala asmovian robot rules):

  1. If it’s below 60 degrees and above 40 degrees, long sleeves should at least be available. This can take the form of a sweatshirt, sweater, jacket, or zip off sleeves. The long sleeve item can be left in your car, etc, but should always be within eyesight.
  2. Hats should be considered for all indoor and outdoor events, unless this hat is of a size to interfere with rule 1.
  3. Sweating is to be encouraged and loudly applauded/pointed out when observed. If someone is following these iron-clad rules and got a little too warm, respect their effort at style and make sweating fashionable. If you’re the one sweating profusely, announce it! Wherever you are. It goes without saying that this should not interfere with rule 1 or rule 2.

Try it out and report back to me fam.

Love always,

Abraham Blingkon

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