The Candid Canner Returns

Back again with another edition of Candid Canner! For those of you too young to remember, your favorite canner gives feedback on reader submissions. You send in a picture of a canned good, and the candid canner gives you honest, helpful feedback. Let’s dive in gang!


Submission 1:

Image result for can

It’s a wonderful can, certainly. But for my money I prefer a can in nature, out in the elements. This can has little to no personality. There’s no dents showing how well loved the can is, no label, even no background. Where would one even find a can like this? Are you a can manufacturer taking pictures fresh off the assembly line?



Submission 2:

Image result for toilet

Wow! Well I suppose a toilet IS a can to some. This made me chuckle. Kudos to you, Crystal. But in terms of a can, I certainly cannot give this a high rating. The contents of this can are not something I want to think about.



Submission 3:

Image result for James cameron

Ok now. This is James Cameron. His last name is….somewhat close to can I suppose. But how am I supposed to compare him to other can submissions? He can store no goods, I don’t think he’s ever even made a can-themed movie!



This was not a banner week for can rating. But I know we’ll be back in force in the very near future. Thanks for your belief in me, and your contributions to my go fund me. I’m now 3/4 of the way to my goal of 10,000 dollars for surgery to turn both of my legs into large cans. We’ll get there!


Until next time,

Can Phillips

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