Day 12: Being Present

It’s amazing how often we think about the past or the future. It seems to be a universal truth that we would rather think about anything else but the present moment. The interesting part about this phenomenon is that the present is the only thing we have any power over or ability to enjoy.

Sure, it’s very likely that you’ll eventually witness the death of everyone you’ve ever known in your lifetime, unless of course you die first, or we start cryogenically freezing ourselves like Austin Powers and Ted Williams.

It’s also possible that you’ll watch the collapse of civilization due to some environmental catastrophe. You may be left to farm roaches in an apocalyptic wasteland where you barter with the alien race who has taken over half of our planet (if this happens, sign me up as a pet. I can curl up into most small places and all I really need is food and water).

So thinking about these future possibilities may occupy most of your time.

Or, on the flip side, you may think about the past. What position would you be in now if you’d accepted that job in Ontario? Would you still be making balloon animals for “CEO’s and Balloon Fellows” adult birthday parties?

Whatever you dwell on: the past or the future, you need to hear this: you cannot enjoy life if you reject the present moment. There is nothing you can do to change the past. You can plan all you want for the future, but none of us has any idea what will happen 20 years from now, let alone 10 minutes from now.

The only thing you have even the slightest control over is this present. So you are free to use this moment and every subsequent one to think about the past and/or future, but why would you? Breathe in the fresh air, imitate a rhinoceros, try to organize a flash mob; the future isn’t promised and the past is already gone. So enjoy the present moment, it’s all we really have.

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