How Far Do Our Morals Extend?

I ask this question with a very specific purpose in mind. But let me preface this by saying that whether you are right wing or left wing when it comes to politics or sides of a chicken matters little to me as long as you’re a reasonable person. I say this because I firmly believe that reasonable people, on both sides of the aisle, agree on almost everything. It’s the very minute details that lead to heated arguments and tipping toward one side or the other.

Don’t get me wrong, these minute details are incredibly important. they can lead toward a vote that will change the lives of millions of people for generations to come. So, no matter how small these details may seem, they are important.

But back to what most reasonable people agree on. I would go as far as to call these our shared morals. Things that we just kind of accept as the right thing to do or say and with which all other reasonable people feel the same way. I would argue that one of these things that all us reasonables agree on is that we shouldn’t kick someone when they’re down, friend or foe (metaphorically and literally speaking. Except for sanctioned MMA matches).

I was shocked to see a very distressing thing happen on Facebook (I know distressing and Facebook rarely go together…): a Facebook group of which I am a part, that has very partisan leanings, posted an article about a politician from the opposing political party that has to step down from his post due to a cancer diagnosis. It was right there in the headline they posted: “BLANK Steps Down Due to Cancer Diagnosis.” But the person who posted this article didn’t JUST post the article. She went on to mark it with a caption that had celebration balloons and a question of whether or not there was anyone from “our” party who could run and take over the seat.

Hoping to see that maybe someone, anyone would respond in the comments and at least acknowledge that this person, who is dealing with a life-changing disease, remember, is deserving of some dignity and that celebrating this was in poor taste. Instead what I found was that not a single person pointed out the fact that this politician was soon to be dead and maybe the tone of the post should at least include some perfunctory condolences. Instead they excitedly brought up potential candidates and moved past the issue as if the person didn’t exist. I sent out some messages to the people involved in the matter asking their thoughts, but did not hear back. At least not yet. But it does look like the original poster at least removed the celebration balloons.

So, here’s my unreasonable take on the matter: if you can’t accept that all people deserve dignity, no matter how much you disagree with them, you are not reasonable.

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