Positivity Day 5: An Engagment!

Oftentimes, happiness occurs on a small-scale, local level. This was especially true today when two dear friends got engaged. Even when you know it’s coming, it’s always special to see how happy people are when they commit to a marriage. It gives one hope for the future.

I’ve known William for (literally) my entire life. There is an infamous story of our mom’s walking with us while we were in strollers. Since then, we’ve built functioning computers out of clay and copper wire (lie), made millions for our wall street bosses (lie), and made tons of fun memories (true).

Martha is a much more recent addition to my life, but he couldn’t pick a better partner. In the few years I’ve known her, she’s demonstrated that she’s every bit as funny, thoughtful, and overall fantastic as he is. She can make friends with anyone, anywhere (as evidenced by her striking up a friendship with my grandma at our wedding).

Here’s to a lifetime of happiness to you both!

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