Day 5: Perspective

Quick one for this beautiful Friday.

For context, I highly recommend listening to this podcast: Joe Rogan Experience: Episode #1691

In the podcast, the woman being interviewed describes the horrors she experienced growing up in North Korea and how, when she escaped and was able to go to school in America, she was amazed at some of the problems her friends would talk about. Problems such as boys they liked ignoring them, or a friend not sitting with them at lunch just baffled her.

Additionally, routine issues that we have as adults in America are completely astounding to this woman who (warning: graphic) routinely witnessed rats eating people as they starved to death on the streets of North Korea. She couldn’t wrap her head around the idea of obesity (which now hovers around 40% of Americans). The idea of having too much to eat, when she and her family were purposefully starved is an absurd concept in her mind.

As difficult as this podcast is to listen to, I think it is important that everyone does. It’s important to realize that a hard day at work or a bad grade on a test are literally nothing when compared to living in a nation that actively oppresses its people.

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