Day 6: Integrity

Getting rid of cable was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The ridiculous cost of watching mostly ads slowly but surely revealed how unnecessary the service is.

But one thing that I do miss is the occasional sports program, especially the olympics.

Watching some of the events over the past few nights was so exciting to me. Athletes pushing themselves to the limit; old, obese commentators who likely rode the bench in high school or ran the roller hockey courts against neighborhood toddlers when they were in their 20’s giving their hot takes on why Simone Biles is a quitter; records being set… all of it is amazing.

But perhaps the best moment I saw was the U.S. Athlete Isaiah Jewett fell after clipping his heel on the runner from Botswana behind him. Both of them tumbled to the ground and the other athletes flew past them, leaving no chance for either of them to recover.

Instead of getting angry, pounding the ground, demanding an apology; Isaiah got up, helped the other runner up and they ran through the finish line together in last place.

As inspiring and amazing as it is to see clips like this one, where the runner recovered after a fall to win the race, even more amazing to me is the integrity and good-sportsmanship that Jewett showed by helping and bonding with his fellow runner, who also had his olympic dreams dashed.

In the interview following the race, although clearly disappointed, Isaiah said only: “I’m just happy to be here.”

That should make you prouder to be an American than any record setting pace or olympic gold medal.

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