Day 24: Bonum Sine Ratione

Sorry, I accidentally sat on my keyboard for that title but…wait a minute…that actually looks like it might be close to the Latin for “happiness without reason”…Let’s run with that.

We do like to have fun here, don’t we? But seriously now.

I saw this phrase written in some language on a shop sign the other day and it made me think about happiness. Why do we always need a reason to be happy? Conversely, why do we need a reason to be sad, or upset, or scared? Sometimes we just feel these emotions, and that’s ok.

We often try to dampen our emotions under the pretense of being professional or making other people feel comfortable. But what if we normalized showing emotion? How wonderful it would be to share our happiness with others, making them feel a little better. Or, for that matter, share our sadness, lessening the burden on ourselves.

We’re not living in ancient Sparta where emotions are a sign of weakness. We now understand what a source of strength they are and what power we can derive from them. I’ve written before about the importance of controlling our anger, but that doesn’t mean we need to completely eliminate it. In fact, if we started eliminating emotions, regardless of how negative they may feel to us, it would probably lead to a very different, much bleaker world. What would be the point of art or free time without the emotions necessary to appreciate these things, for better or worse.

Anyway, I like that topic. I’ll leave my laptop open on my chair more often so that I can sit on it and generate another free write.


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