Day 25: You Don’t Have to Have an Opinion

With the current events of this last week, it can feel like everyone needs to immediately express an incredibly strong opinion about who was right, what could have been done differently, and of course: who’s to blame.

It can also be tempting to fire back right away at someone you disagree with on social media or in person.

But it’s not essential that we all immediately generate strong opinions on everything. It’s ok to sit back and think about things. To see how we feel after having some time to gather data and think about the situations. Often times, a gut reaction will be fueled by a fight-or-flight response, and these reactions are historically reserved for emergency situations.

We can’t let our opinions on important, complex topics be based solely on our gut reactions. We have a duty to each other and to ourselves to do some research and try to find the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be.

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